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The Difficulty of the Homeless College Students

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Essay Preview: The Difficulty of the Homeless College Students

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The Difficulty of the Homeless College Students

Author of the report is Eleanor Bader, she tells some stories about the homeless college students difficulty and their struggles. Writer also reveals the lives of those moving from shelters or buses. Students become homeless for several reasons, these include single moms who left abusive relationships, some of the students are forced to leave home because of abusive relationships. Some students whose parents stopped paying their rent so they become homeless. In addition, some students simply because there is no money to pay school fees. The report also shows that homeless students difficult to get help for any program, because the government does not track the number of homeless students. "It's not that colleges are not concerned, but attention today is not on serving the poor," says Susan O'Malley, chair of the faculty senate at the City University of New York. Students from all social classes are many, but not everyone has the ability to pay the high tuition fees. However, not everyone is turning a blind eye to these homeless students, in this report, a sympathetic cleaning woman use her ways helps some student. Similarly, a staff did not disclose the name, who use her way to help these students, some student can live her office. The author believes that the government should help these homeless students, just that staff says, that knowledge was the only thing that couldn't be snatched. I sympathize with these students can not complete their studies successfully, because they are human beings, have the right to change through knowledge of their unfortunate fate.



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