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College Student Views Of Unwanted Pregnancy-Content Analysis

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Essay Preview: College Student Views Of Unwanted Pregnancy-Content Analysis

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In my content analysis, I went to the Health Center located in the Virginia Frese Hall on the 3rd Floor room 310 of Queens College. I walked through the hallway, and as I was approaching the room I noticed that there were pamphlets, brochures and handouts all around the hallway on the left and right side of the walls. At that moment I knew that I was in the right place. When I finally got to the room I was looking for, I noticed that the office has three desks and another room. One desk is where the secretary works on and the other two are employees and those desks and computers are used for their paper work. The people that sit on the other two desks can also help you if the secretary is not available. In my situation one of the other desks helped me because the secretary was busy on the phone. The other room that I saw but I did not go into also had a few desks; I am not sure what the other room is used for.

The lady that was sitting on one of the other desks asked me if I needed help, I told her that I needed information about their health center and their services and a few brochures and pamphlets. She was so happy to help me and extremely nice. She walked me to another room across the hall and sat down and told me her name, which is Connie Capobianco and she happened to be the director as well as the nurse of the Health Center, which was great.

I explained to her that I was doing research for one of my classes on Queens College students' views of an unwanted pregnancy and what services does Queens College have to offer. She was very interested and willing to help me with what I needed. She gave me a lot of pamphlets, brochures and one page papers that explained what and where you can go to get help for pregnant women. She explained everything they offer in detail to me and if they cannot help they send them to a referred clinic somewhere around the victims' area and if needed Nurse Connie is willing to go with them. Connie told me how she approaches these students, she firsts talks to them when they tell her that they are late for their period, she counsels them and encourages them to be tested on STD's and HIV which can take place in the office. The Health Center also has doctor's and nurses which are free of charge for pregnancy tests and testing of STD's and HIV, which I was stunned and very happy that they would do that without asking for money. They also provide education to promote a healthier lifestyle (literature, interacted information). If they cannot help the students than they will refer them to an inexpensive clinic such as Planned Parenthood, these places that the women are referred to can also provide abortion, they also have a few clinics whether the student has insurance or not.

Connie as well as her coworkers encourages these students to come back and speak to them if needed. All the information is confidential and free, the hours of operation is Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

When I was looking at these pamphlets on my own time I noticed a few things. On two of the pamphlets there is the same picture of the same girl with the same expression on her face. I thought that was odd because one pamphlet is if someone close to you hurt you in any way and what you should do or who you should call and the other pamphlet is what to do if you have been sexually assaulted. They were both supported by Mayor Bloomberg and the Commissioner, Office to Combat Domestic Violence. The expression on this woman's face is very strong and it catches the viewers' eye to pick this up. Also it is live picture rather than a digital paper or cartoon type of picture. The other pamphlet that tells you



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