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The Devil And Tom Walker

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The first work that has impacted me is "The Devil and Tom Walker." This story has impacted my life in the way of my beliefs. It has showed me that there are different perspectives on life. Washington Irving has showed his outlook on life and the people in it. He shares through his writing what he thinks of women and how he treats them and this almost reflects me in certain ways. By Irving writing these works it has changed my life in the way I treat women. It has made it so I treat them with a lot more respect. The reason for this is because I have seen how Tom's relationship ended up with his wife.

In reading this story it has also made me wiser on my decisions in life. I have learned that every decision you make has a good or bad consequence to it. As for tom he made a decision to except the devils offer which led to a bad consequence.

Another work that has impacted me was Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Ministers Black Veil." This has proved my theory about people being 2 faced. In saying 2 face I mean that they hide their emotions when they are around certain people. My theory is almost the same as Hawthorne's in the way that people have veils that they hide behind. An example is: people at home can be yelling at other family members and then answer the phone and be happy. Anger for most people is easy to hide but one emotion that is hard to hide is the emotion of sadness. When people are sad their muscles in their body are relaxed and it is hard to keep a smiling face.

In the reading of all these works it has impacted my life on my outlook in life. I now have a better understanding of it and a more optimistic look on life, religion, women, politics, etc. I have also learned that the main theme in a lot of these short stories is religion and different perspectives of it.



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