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Devil And Tom Walker

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Greed is the attempt to get more of what somebody already has and try to get everything they want as much as possible to fulfill there personal materialistic wants. In the story "The Devil and Tom Walker" by Washington Irving, some characters portray their obsession with greed. The main character, Tom and his wife compete with each other to see who can obtain the most materials without sharing it with each other. Tom Walkers greed leads to many obstacles, and eventually ending up to his demise.

Tom and his wife live in the state of Massachusetts in the 1700s. He and his wife have not had the best relationships, as his wife steals and beats on him. They even compromised to beating on each other. Tom doesn't share or tell anyone about his belongings, fearing that they will be stolen. The environment he is in with his wife makes both him and his wife become greedy. Tom does not feed his horse so he can save more money. His house is messy and is in shambles all the time without being kept tidy. Tom and his wife don't care much for each other; as they both battle to get the things they want. In the woods, Tom meets a man dark of face who really is the Devil. Tom, being the greedy man he is, makes a compromise with the devil selling his soul in exchange for riches. He becomes a usurer and lends money at a higher interest than the devil asked him for and is harsh on the old and poor people.

As Tom grows older, he starts to realize and think about the deal he has made with the devil. He remembers what the devil said and he knows that soon the devil will come for his soul. Tom then develops the idea that if he can become religious and carry a bible with him every, he can cheat the devil out of getting his soul. He starts to worry about what will happen to his property in the afterlife when "the world becomes turned upside down". As he starts to prepare, he buries his horse upside down thinking that



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