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The Connotative Definition of Faith

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Take a Leap of Faith

Faith, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is either having complete trust or confidence in someone or something or having a strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word faith comes from the Old French feid, from the Latin fidere or translated to “to trust”. Faith is all about trust, and trust can be invested in many things. Faith, in short, is to believe in someone or something, from a stranger, to oneself, to an institution, or a friend.

Faith in a person involves believing in all the aspects you need from them. For athletes in a team, they must all have faith in each other that they will play to the best of their abilities in their assigned roles. This is applicable in many different aspects of one’s life, from work ethic to all sorts of social relationships. One can have faith in his partner that they will remain faithful and trustworthy when they are not around. Faith in a person is based on hope and trust.

Faith is not always built on concrete proof. Having faith in an institution or a religion relies solely on one’s confidence based on a perceive degree of warrant (Plantinga, 2000). Believing in a religion is a form of faith. It’s faith in the existence of a higher being and believing the person who preaches and their credibility.

Faith in oneself is belief in your own abilities and resolve to pull through with a task. It is a critical step in the path to success (2018). Every person has their own view of themselves, inspired and affected by different aspect of their person. Faith in oneself depends greatly on the view of oneself and it is the foundation of attitude in one’s life.



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