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The Communist Manifesto

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The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto is a political pamphlet that described its historical context primarily through the eyes of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Both Marx and Engels were very well known for their asstounding essays explaining the principles communism. In the pamphlet, Marx uses his ideas and theories to push people into becoming conscious of themselves and their abilities that they hold, stating that man can depart from isolation through a revolution. By revolutionizing, Marx and Engels displayed how modernity was a way to stand up for themselves and attain power. They created a new point of view that would promote a change in society through a communist movement.

The year of 1848 contained two very important phenomenons. First of which, the Revolution. Second, Karl Marx’s issuance of his paper which aimed towards a change in communities around the world, titles “The Communist Manifesto”. Both of these involved great amounts of similarities between each other which vastly impacted a majority of Europe in the middle of the nineteenth century. This Revolution rattled countries throughout Europe that had any bourgeoisie running the resistance of related governments. During the time of the publication, the Revolution arose as the view of inequality disturbed the lower end of the spectrum, the proletariat. Unfairness resulted in creating a larger gap from the rich and the poor, ultimately causing chaos at a rapid rate. The Revolution became a result of societal restructures. The bourgeoisie were the employers of laborers and physical means of production. They were the capital class of their time, owning a majority of the land and wealth. Conflict emerged among the social classes, giving the proletariat envy over the upper class which encouraged them to conquer the bourgeoisie. According to Marx, the proletariat were the revolutionary class. They saw themselves as being at a disadvantage because the bourgeoisie had been the favored class due to their wealth. As technology, transportation and other markets rose with production, the rich got richer. This resulted in an increase of wealth to the bourgeoisie rather than to the proletariat.




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