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The Church

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The date was 1924, The place was a little community called Gerritsen Beach in

Brooklyn, New York. Members of the community traveled far to Saint Marks in

Sheepshead bay to attend mass. Community members brought attention to Bishop Molloy.

He sent Father Edward J. Matthews to establish a parish in Gerritsen Beach. On July 13,

1924, Father Matthews took up a special collection to help build up a parish. The pledges

reached $700, and this marked the “birth” of Resurrection.

Sunday masses were held at the Volunteer Firehouse & Father Matthews conducted

masses on the lower floor of his double-attached house through out the week. Upper floors

were used for social gatherings and community meetings. The population of this church

grow and forced the Diocese to send yet another priest to assist Father Matthews. Father

Thomas Judge along with Father Matthews continued as plans for a church were


The new building would serve as a church, school, and convent for the Dominican

Sisters of Kentucky who had taking on the mission of educating the children of the parish.

Later on after the deaths of two past monsignors, Matthews & Cox, Father Ronaghan took

on the mission of building a new building used excessively as a church. The church opened

and celebrated its first mass on Easter Sunday in 1953. Father Shevlin soon took leadership

of Resurrection. He organized many events that forever are imprinted in the community.

In 1988 Father Shevlin was recognized by Pope John Paul II for his dedication and

commitment to his parish. He was elevated to a member of the Papal Household, And was

appointed very Reverend Monsignor Raymond R. Shevlin.

In 1992 Monsignor Shevlin retired from his active ministry and Monsignor Francis J.

Fahy, a Former altar boy under Monsignor Shevlin took over.

Monsignor Fahy continues today as the leader of Resurrection church. Unfortunate less

and less enrollments have been made to the elementary school. And the school will

probably close its doors come June. While its Last days are coming close the teachers and

students are doing what they do best, Sharing the love and ideas of God. We could only

pray and leave it in Gods Hands. We pray that God will continue to bless our parish so

future generations may imitate the love and sacrifice of those past and present. May the

Spirit of God fill their hearts and minds so that they always reflect the saving love of Jesus

Christ, Our Risen Lord.


Question Answers by Church Parishioner John Mullin.

Our parish is best described as a family. Like a Family we face troubles and like a family

we stick together and find a way to resolve. But most importantly we help each other as a

whole. What makes a parish so important is its ways in which it helps.

There are many needs of our fellow parishioners. We have certain programs for people

who have problems with both Drugs, acohal and gambling abuse and finacal problems.



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