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The Change I Want to See and Be

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The Change I want to see and be. [pic 1]

One day I enter my class of my own coaching centre, the very first day. My parents have been very wise in providing me education and above all good quality of education .I   had the notion that every child is educated the same way as I am. I enter my class and the class is full of so called educated graduates and all the laurels that Indian education can offer to. But here they sit to prepare for government examinations. I   was the teacher of English and general knowledge. Till the moment I asked them some general question I had been living in a different world. The class was mostly blank even on basic questions of planetary systems and nouns. The class which had wasted 20 years of their life studying in schools and colleges.

I don’t know yet if it was a awakening back then that has motivated me to see education as my domain of change or some other reason which is propelling me to take up the cause .I am brought up in a family that has always been viewing education as the weapon of change. My grandfather was the “guruji” of the village and so is my father. I have grown up watching a widow aunt receiving education despite being in smallest village of Jharkhand .Today she inspires me by being independent teaching hundreds of children and women for free .The sources of my inspiration are many.

I grew up in a village with no electricity or even proper conveyance. To go to school I had to travel 3 hours on a rickshaw .The clothes I wore were not ironed and I often became the laughing stock for my teachers and peers. My parents wanted me to receive the best quality of education in the best scoo of the town but alas it was a bit too much for me. Initial years of my schooling was a pain to me but after a few years I got used to it started performing well teachers knew me topped my boards and passed out of school that I owe everything today.

Everyone has her own struggle. Mine was, this but it tears my heart apart to think of those who can’t receive education and more for those who do it but quality is so poor that it is worth nothing. Education as I understand through my prism is a way to train the mind and body to lead a successful life and this success for each is unique .Education does not in any way mean being literate only. It has a wide range of spectrum that demands practical life knowledge and literacy and mental well being .It does not have the  demographics of only the children group or college going students but open to all who want to know anything. Education to me is being aware of my own rights and duties. Education is the key to happier and better lives. Why only education?

Full stomachs: a mothers education will fill a child’s stomach, a young ones education will full empty stomachs of old.

Happier life: education can teach to deal with life ,  joys and sadness, depressions and failures.

Education gives voice to all, reducing disparity.

Education gives the ability, skills and earning , discipline.

Education will help understand the world better. Being fooled becomes tougher.

Education will help in use of technology

Above all education will make life easier with a lifelong growth

The question is how do I aim to reform what I believe is need of the hour?

Step 1: just one child near me to be educated for free and that too quality education

Step 2: forming small self help model groups of women in villages in Jharkhand and educate them. Women are the drivers of education in the family and I believe she must be educated.

Step 3 : From small group and Panchayat help educate not only children but farmers and others to know about the right to get education

Step 4: Best teachers from these groups to be role models and educate nearby villages in the same model.



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