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The Castle Essay

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The film "The Castle" presents us with a representation of an Australian family. Most people would agree however that they are not a typical family. A few of the reasons is, for this is that there is no such thing as a typical family, roles have changed and people are not so community minded as shown in the film.

There is no such thing as an Australian typical family. A few of the reasons why is every ones different and if everyone tried to be the same we wouldn't have the diverse country we have today. The rate of children living with one mother or one father is very high in Australia. With the number of 12,402 (2003 bureaw of statistics) children living with one parent. It is hard to say that there is such a thing as typial families when there are so many children who live with one parent or the families that have step children or adopted children.

Roles in families have become different as a result of changing times. They have become different because people live such busy lives with most people working and having longer hours. Most people would agree that both parents work to support their families. It is clear that most mums and dads roles aren't so different anymore for instance dale never knows what sal was cooking but now dads have to know how to cook because they might be single parents. Another way in which the Kerrigan family is not typical is most kids these days would rather go and spend their time with their friends then with their parents but not Tracey she would rather spend her weekends doing her mums hair up in Bony Don. (Most people would agree that nobody loves their house as much as Darrel Kerrigan another thing that Darrel is community minded.)

People aren't so community minded, another reason that the Kerrigan's are not a typical Australian family is that, were very community minded



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