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The Caste System

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The Caste System

In ancient India, people classified into political groups known as castes. Castes were part of the Aryan caste system, or a fixed social class into which they were born. This system divided people into four different groups, the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas, and the Sudras. The highest group was made up of priests who taught the Vedic religion, they were known as the Brahmins. The second class was the Kshatriyas who were warriors/rulers who defended the kingdoms. One of the lower classes was known as the Vaishyas and they were artisans, bankers, and merchants who owned land and used it for agriculture. Finally, the lowest class was the Sudras. They performed services for all of the higher classes. I personally feel that India should not have the caste system. I feel this way because people, who are in the lower classes work their tails off, still stay in that same class, and then they feel that what is the point in even trying because if they are still going to be in a low society. So then the people in the high classes are not going to do anything because they are already high enough and they can’t get any higher. So no one in India would do any work and India would not be a good place to live or even for tourists to come to.

The Caste system in Ancient India, I think, is not very well-planned. If you’re in the lowest class, you can never go up in rank, even if you work your entire life. But, if you’re in the highest class, stay there until you die, just because you were born into it. So you cannot choose what class you are in. People who are good, hard workers, who deserve to be in the high classes never get to know what it is like because of what social class they were born into. So, if the laziest people ever are in the high class, they got there out of luck. I think that people who deserve to be in the high classes should be because that is



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