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The Calamitous Plot Of The Tell Tale Heart

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Essay Preview: The Calamitous Plot Of The Tell Tale Heart

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The Calamitous Plot of the Tell Tale Heart

Who knew that the heart of a corpse would gossip and eventually point out the suspect inadvertently? The feeling of nervousness and a sense of rage would plague the mind of an individual, who was sane at mind until he looks in the eye of an old man. The “Eye”, which resembles that of a vulture, is a pale eye with a film over it. This very “Eye” gave the narrator a notation to take the life of the innocent old man. (par. 2)

On his quest to annihilating the “Eye” of the old man, the narrator put together a very wise plan in which he was going to kill the man. Around midnight every night he would open the old man’s door, very gently and he would open the door just enough where he could fit his head in to observe the old man and flick the lantern just enough to get a view of the vulture “Eye”. This would go on for 7 days because every night the “Eye” was closed. Upon the 8th night he was even more cautious with his plan he proceeded to succeed in the killing the old man. As he was engaged in the plan, he chuckled at the sight of disturbing the old man knowing that this will awaken him and his evil “Eye” would be visible forcing him to master his plan. As the man aroused from his bed he asked if any one was there, and remained awake for hours as the narrator remain as still as a statute. The narrator after the hour he remained paused, he pursued in his act by flicking the lantern just enough to see the evil “Eye”. “It was open, wide, wide open- and I grew furious as I gazed upon it. I saw it with perfect distinctness- all a dull blue with a hideous veil over it that chilled the very marrow in my bones, but I could see nothing else of the old man’s face or person; for I had directed the ray as if by instinct, precisely upon the damned spot.” (par.9)

Adding to the climax is the crisis between the narrator and the old man’s heart. The beating of the heart, which was a sound that was dull, low and a quick, such as what a watch makes when enveloped in cotton. This very sound increased the narrator’s aggression. The beating continued to increase in sound, hasty and hasty as the old man grew more terrified. The blustering sound caused the man to react promptly to avoid the disturbance of the neighbors. The narrator then, leaped at the old man and the old man shrieked as the narrator proceeded



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