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The Boys From Liverpool

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Geoff Davidson

G Block 4/14/08

The Boys From Liverpool

In an old rusty bar in the streets of Liverpool, the Beatles were born. Four young men fueled the audience’s piercing screams and drove thousands into a state of Beatlemania. The Beatles music sensation swept the nation. Their different techniques were a refreshing twist from the old-school music of Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys. The lead singer Paul McCartney was born in 1942 and was the heart and soul of the Beatles. John Lennon, born in 1940 was a music master mind. Richard Starkey or known as Ringo Starr was born in 1940 and was the drummer of the band. Lastly George Harrison born in 1943 was the youngest of them all he was the lead guitarist and was also known as a film producer. All four Beatles came from Liverpool England. There living conditions were not the nicest of places like the way they live today. Brian Epstein was the one who discovered the musical geniuses. But when he found them he saw them playing at a little bar in a town know-one had ever heard of. The Beatles only in their early 20's were just playing another gig when Epstein walked in and heard the powerful voice and the rhythm of the music. Epstein felt goose-bumps as the powerful guitar shook his body. That day the Beatles became stars.

The Beatles were known to be quick on their feet were always ready to say something clever back. They almost always finished each-others sentences and were funny and charming. But one of the most famous things about the Beatles were their hair. The Beatles hair was long and shaggy, nothing like the average american haircut. People thought of it to be wild and crazy but the trend swept through the nation. The Beatles seemed to rebel against the American way. Their teeth were yellow there hair was long but had a charming and attractive attitude which know-one could withstand. Beatlemania had America in a choke-hold.

Beatles gave the world music. Elvis and the previous rockers created it, but the Beatles gave classic rock its name. With numerous #1 hits such as, "Come Together" or "Help!" the boys from Liverpool gave a whole new feel to music. The Beatles are responsible for todays bad haircuts, bad personal hygiene and Rap, Rock, and Classic Rock. The Beatles themselves who were inspired by famous rockers had inspired other musicians who are some of the most famous people in the world. America's culture was switched in to backward mode thanks to the Beatles.

The boys from Liverpool had to overcome themselves. By coming out of bad neighborhoods and run down families the Beatles were still able to perform in modern day society. Although they weren't honor students but they weren't flunkers either. I think that their rough childhood inspired them in some of their songs. It was a miracle



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