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The Boy From Chamccka

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One day in our little town of chamccka a boy named Ugma thought is was about time he stared hunting. Although he is the oldest kid in his family he was only ten years old. His father Bugma and his friends were going hunting the next day Ugma thought he should tell his father how he felt.

As Ugma approached his father he suddenly felt butterflies in his stomach.

"Dad can I go hunting?" Ugma blurted out as he got on his knees. Thought he was only ten he was the oldest boy in his family

"Why must you ask such a question" Questioned Bugma with a puzzled look on his face.

"I went with you last year and Ugma watched" Recalled Ugma as he started to see a grin on his fathers face.

"You are right it is time," Declared Bugma as he handed his son the harpoon he held in his hand. He then whispered "use this wisely"

"Father you do not know how much this means to me!" He yelled as he went to go show of to his friends.

Bugma smiled with satisfaction, and then sauntered over to his friends to tell his friends that Ugma was coming with them.

As Ugma was bragging to his friends his mother Cegma came and told him that his hunting trip was tomorrow and to stop bragging

"Alright" muttered Ugma

"Now come help me with the housework" Demanded Cegma as she headed toward the house.

After Ugma was done with his housework he ate and when to bed. All night he dreamed about the hunting trip and he would wake up every once in awhile and think it was the next day.

Sure enough the next day came. Ugma got his gear and was about half way out the door when his mother called him back. As she was approaching him Ugma yelled

"Mom, I'm going to be late!"

"Hush" I am trying to give you something that is very important to me.

"Oh, sorry I was mean I guess am just a little to excited"

"You are forgiven." replied Cegma in a caring voice. My father gave this to me. I will now give it to you.

Then she unlocked her hand and gave him what was inside, a pocket watch with deer engraved on it.

"Thanks mom" Thanks mom Ugma yelled as he when towards the direction of his dad. "Thanks alot"

When he turned around he didn't see a tree branch on the ground so he tripped and fell on his arm.

His father came over to see if he was okay.

"It hurts so bad I think that it is broken!"

"Me to." Replied Bugma

"This is not fair, I don't get to go hunting, do I." groaned Ugma.

"No, son you don't."

"I am not trying to be mean or rude, but if you



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