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The Best Way to Stay Healthy

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Essay Preview: The Best Way to Stay Healthy

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Sub-health symptoms have high prevalence among young people. To stay healthy, there are many things that we can do. In my opinion, the best way to stay healthy is to do regular exercise. That is to say, we should build an exercise habit.

In modern society, people spend much time on cellphone, Internet and TV. There is one kind of people called indoorsmen or indoorswomen who hardly go out, just sit at home for a whole day and stay up late. Now people tend to spend time on things that they think are “meaningful” to them and usually skip exercise. It is not wise to do that at the cost of health. Thus, it’s a necessity to do regular exercise, looking away from the screen and sacrificing some of the short-term benefits. What’s more, doing regular exercise has a lot of advantages. It can provide us with a good mood and promote our sleep quality, so that we can improve our working and studying efficiency and reduce the need to stay up late.

The issue of homelessness is a serious one, and it affects everyone because not one of us knows what could happen in our future that could lead us to being homeless. As for the government and city Administrators, it is so important to care about this issue because the homeless are no different than other citizens and they are in need of help. City administrators should be responsible for using power and funds to help the homeless make a better life.

Generally speaking, doing regular exercise can promote a virtuous circle, which is very important to our health. Also, it is urgent for us to begin a healthy life with an exercise habit.



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