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Healthy And Shiny Hair

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Shiny but Healthy Hair


Shiny but Healthy Hair Essay

Rivers, Page 1

Over the years my hairdresser Lisa has taught me that it is important to have healthy and shiny hair. Having unhealthy hair can cause baldness. Although, the weather and unhealthy eating habits can also cause damage to your hair and it is important to maintain beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair. One way of maintaining healthy hair is to eat right and drink plenty of water. Another way is to use hair care products that will strengthen and protect your hair from the elements.

Because I cannot afford to go see Lisa every two weeks, I decided to research for hair care products that will keep my hair healthy. After reading the latest August issue of Ebony magazine I came across two advertisements for hair care. The first advertisement Olive Oil, Nature's Secret to Healthy Hair explains what each of their products can do for my hair. For instance, the Olive Oil No-Lye Relaxer has built-in protection and straightens the hair. The Therapeutic Crиme, Moisturizing Lotion, and Sheen Spray can add shine, moisture to dry hair, and protection from the elements. Also, Olive Oil provides a detangling conditioning shampoo that will cleanse the hair and a Replenishing Pak that will add nutrients and vitamins to the hair. At your convience you can find Olive Oil at your nearest beauty supply store.

The second advertisement KeraCare, talks about



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