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The Best Restaurant in Town

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The Best Restaurant In Town

      Restaurant Tok Keramat is situated at small town in Jitra, Kedah. They also provide catering and rental services for feasts. Every day the restaurant is always full of customers. The restaurant location is also strategic because near the Polythehnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah and surronding community. This restaurant is open from 8 a.m until 4 p.m. This restaurant also among the best in Jitra because it has comfortable place, lots of delicious dishes and good customer services.

       Firstly, this restaurant has a comfortable place to eat food with families and friend. Big space for parking spots make it easy for customer to come to the restaurant regardless of parking. The place to grab a  dishes also big space and make it easy for customer to choose the food they want. Also, a lot of hand washing place can make easier for customer to wash without queue. For muslim, the restaurant also provide surau for Muslims to prayers. A comfortable place can statisfy to customers and that why this restaurant are a the best restaurant in Jitra.

      Beside that, the restaurant has a many selection of delicious dishes and offer a variety of choices to the customer to choose to food. Reasonable prices add to the customer’s taste for taking many selection of dishes. Rice withe a piece of chicken and fresh vegetables priced at RM3.50 is very affordable nowadays. Various dishes like ‘kurma daging’, ‘nasi lemak” for breakfeast, grilled fish, fish head curry and many more various dishes can give more options to customer although it always comes. Most of the delicious dish are based on the traditional food for breakfeast and lunch time. Many selection delicious dishes can make this restaurant among the best in Jitra town.

     After that, this restaurant give service worthy of the customer. Customer do not wait a long time for the drinks to arrive. A cashier who always smile and rarely make mistakes when retuining balance the money to customer. The workers are always sensitive to cleanlinsee on the table and always cleat the table before customer seated. This restaurant gives good services to customer and always prioritize customer.

        Consdering the point mentioned above, his restaurant is among the best in the city. many things the restaurant does to attract customers come to the store. In fact, there are still some room for improvement to get better. Many restaurants offer good service in terms of places, lots of delicious dishes and gives service worthy to customer



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