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The Atlantic Revolutions

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The Atlantic Revolutions were some of the most influential and impactful uprisings in history. Many people fought to rid the nations of the ideas of divine rights of kings, state control of trade, and the authority of a single church. People focused on new ideas such as liberty, equality, free trade, religious tolerance and moving towards democracy. I think that the Atlantic Revolutions fulfilled the goals of those who made them to a certain extent.

The Latin American revolution did not fulfill the goals of the revolution. They people of this revolution set out to gain independence from Spain and to change the social construct. They were able to gain their independence but they fell short on changing the social construct. On the other hand is the Haitian Revolution which was the complete opposite. In the Haitian Revolution the slaves revolted against slavery in many violent protests, including burning plantations. In the end the whole social construct reversed from French officials and slave owning whites on top and slaves on the bottom to slaves being on top. The large plantations that use to support the Haitian economy were now replaced by small farms that did not amount to the same amount of profit. The French Revolution was started to help gain equal rights for all citizens, especially those of the 3rd estate. The French fought and ultimately The Rights of Man resolved the conflicts of the French Revolution allowing them to achieve their goals.

In addition to short term changes there were also long term perspectives such as nationalism, abolitionism, and feminism. The French Revolution helped unite their people and give a sense of nationalism. In other revolutions slavery was being abolished and new political and social rights were being given to slaves and new freedmen. Feminism was also coming into play with many women advocating for equality of the sexes. They achieved their goals, women began to get offered into universities and new professions



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