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The American Flag Colors and What They Represent

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Essay Preview: The American Flag Colors and What They Represent

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The American flag was established on June 14, 1777 when the second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution which stated:”Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in blue field, representing a new constellation”. The American flag is and should be very important to all Americans. The colors, stripes and stars all represent a very specific individual meaning. Starting with the thirteen strips on the flag, these represented the first thirteen colonies the United States had when it first became a nation. Then they were referred to as the first original settlement colonies. In 1607 Virginia was founded by the Virginia Company of London. Next came Massachusetts in 1620. This state was founded by the pilgrims. The Puritan’s first fled Holland to escape the popishness of the church of England. They then decided to go to Massachusetts. In 1626 New York was initially offered to the Indians, and the English ultimately proceeded to take it from the Dutch for nothing. Maryland was the next colony established in 1633 and founded by Cecil Calvert; this was a very popular settlement for the Protestants’. In 1636 Connecticut was founded by Reverend Thomas Hooker. In 1638 both Delaware and New Hampshire were settled and became colonies. This was the only time the United States founded two colonies in the same calendar year. The next colony was founded in 1653 and was known as North Carolina. New Jersey was founded in 1664, Pennsylvania was founded in 1682 and the last of the thirteen colonies founded was Georgia in 1732.

The colors on the American flag are very significant and represent a very unique and particular meaning. The white strips on the flag represent Freedom, Purity and Innocence. The red stripes represent hardiness, valor and bravery. It is also known to represent the bloodshed and sacrifice we went through protecting



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