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How to Fold the American Flag

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Essay Preview: How to Fold the American Flag

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Part A; How to Fold the American Flag

This is how to fold the american flag in a non-disrespectful way. There are many ways to fold it but this is the most common one. The materials you need are, an american flag, three people, and a flag case. If you are going to take it of the flag pole you should say the pledge of allegiance before you lower it, do not let it touch the ground First, get a friend and hold the flag flat out, horizontally, holding the corners with the face up. Next, fold the flag long ways on the inside and hold it flat again, fold it in half one more time with the stars facing down.

(“Step 2”) (“Step 3”)

Now, start folding the flag diagonally into triangles, starting at the side without the stars. The first fold should be towards the open end of the horizontal fold.

(“Step 4”) (“Step 5”)

Thirdly, fold it to the very end. If there is any slack left in the the flag due t uneven proportions tuck them into the folded section of the flag. Both still holding the flag place the folded flag into the flag case which should be held and closed by the third person. Warning, don't let the flag touch the ground at all during the process, it is considered disrespectful.

Part B

America has evolved the flag many times in the past and many people believe that the current flag could possibly change today. From the story of Betsy ross sewing the flag to congress passing laws, this is the history of the american flag.

The US flag’s origin is a common debate over who originally made it but this is how many think it came to be. Many people believe that the US flag was sewn by betsy Ross but historians say that there is no documentation or other facts proving that she did indeed make the first flag of America ( Ed Crews, “The Truth About Betsy Ross”). Not many know this but it was believed the flag was actually originally designed by Francis Hopkins and possibly made by him as well ( Ed Crews, “The Truth About Betsy Ross”). In fact, While America was fighting for their freedom in 1776 ,after the declaration of Independence , They still didn't have a flag until a year later in 1777 on June 14th.(“History of The American Flag & US Flag History”). While we are talking about June 14th, it is also the day the first flag law was passed and required the flag to have 13 stripes and stars with a blue field in the corner.(“History of The American Flag & US Flag History”).On the website”” it states that“ On Aug. 3, 1949 President Harry S. Truman officially declared June 14 as Flag Day.” Which is also the same day the flag law was passed(“The History of the American Flag”). That is how the flag was originally created, and some other facts about the early days of the flag.

There are many different forms of the US flag in the past and even up to current day, this is how it came to be what it is today. The first flag that other countries recognized america as its own country was the continental colors flag with 13 stripes, red and white, and the british flag in the top left hand corner( Ed Crews,” The Truth About Betsy Ross”). Also, The first flag to use stripes was the sons of liberty flag from the boston tea party which was just thirteen red and white stripes.(“History of The American Flag & US Flag History”).One cool fact is that, ”The first time the American flag was flown overseas on a foreign fort was in Libya, over Fort Derne, on the shores of Tripoli in 1805.”(“The History of the American Flag”). In the article “The History of the American Flag” it states”The name “Old Glory” was given to a large 10-by-17 foot flag by its owner, William Driver, a sea captain from Massachusetts” (“The History of the American Flag”). The name Old Glory is what flag owners usually refer to their flag as. The garrison Flag was flown at fort mchenry which Francis Bellamy is referring to, “The us flag from the battle at fort Mchenry inspired Francis Bellamy to write our national anthem “ The Star Spangled Banner”(“The History of the American Flag”)

Our current flag today has 13 stripes and 50 stars, these are the most recent topics and actions to occur today.The thirteen stripes represent the thirteen original colonies and the 50 stars represent each



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