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The American Dream Death Of Salesman

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Essay Preview: The American Dream Death Of Salesman

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The American Dream

"America has long been known as a land of opportunity. Out of that thinking comes the "American Dream," the idea that anyone can ultimately achieve success, even if he or she began with nothing." In the Death of a Salesman there are many characters that are in the pursuit of the American Dream, so far in the story not many of them have reached this goal. The characters that are in the pursuit of the American Dream include Willy, Biff, and Happy Loman. There are also characters in this play that have actually reached the American Dream and they include: Uncle Ben, Charley, and Howard Wagener.

Howard Wagener has reached the American dream through his father's successes. His father's name was Frank Wagener, Willy's old boss. He is now the head of the Wagener Company for whom Willy works. Howard is definitely rich because he is the head of the salesmen and has full control over the company. He fires Willy because of the way that Willy acts.

"I think you need a good long rest Willy."

In this scene Willy is begging Howard for money so that he can afford his insurance. Howard fires him and Willy is very upset. To some people the American Dream means having power and at this moment in time in the play Howard has to feel very powerful because he can fires someone if he feels like it and he can tell the what to do. Howard has reached the American Dream through money, which gives you power.

Charley is an old friend and he is the neighbor of the Loman's. Charley is a successful businessman. Willy is resentful of his successes but they are still good friends. Charley has reached the American Dream all on his own he has climbed to the top of the ladder all by himself, working his butt off. Charley offers Willy a job because he cannot pay his bills and Willy declines. Charley is a very powerful and successful man, but he does not use that power in a bad way like Howard does, he offers his friend a job.

Uncle Ben is Willy's older brother who recently died. He was wealthy and represents the success that Willy wishes he could have had. Ben is the representation of the American Dream. He attained his goals of success before death and became a wealthy man, which to his was attaining the American Dream.

"Why didn't I go to Alaska with my brother Ben that time! Ben! That man was a genius, that man was success incarnate! What a mistake! He begged me to go."

This quotes demonstrates that even though Ben started off with nothing he was able to attain the American Dream by going to Alaska.

The whole Loman family



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