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The Affirmative Action Debate

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Essay Preview: The Affirmative Action Debate

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Affirmative action is one of the nation's most aggressive attempts to eliminate the problem of racial and sexual discrimination. America has had a long history of discrimination on the basis of sex and race. Although affirmative action was enacted to ensure equal opportunities to all, many still question its fairness. Without affirmative action women would not be able to attend many colleges and universities and minorities would not have equal opportunities. In order to guarantee

equal rights and opportunities for all people, affirmative action is truly necessary.

Although women were njot legally bared from jobs or education, during the early 1900s and up until the 1970s, most jobs would not hire them. Most universities would not admit women. In the past women were only able to attain jobs such as teachers, nurses, or maids. Affirmative action made it possible for women to become a strong force in the job world. Women are not limited to a small amount of jobs, now they are able to work as construction workers, doctors, police officers, firemen and other occupations that were traditionally meant for men. Most assuredly without affirmative action, hiring policies would never have changed. Women, who share equal qualifications and experience, would be passed over for jobs simply because of their sex.

Until the mid-1960s, legal barriers pre4vented african americans and other racial minorities from attending certain universities and obtaining professional jobs. African americans have faced the issue of racial discrimination for centuries. In a job market that is dominated by the white male, it is difficult for african americans to find their place. Most african americans fae racial discriminatio at least once in their lives. Affirmative action has definitely aided in the alleviation of this problem. Without affrimative action, african americans would still be living under the restrictions of Jim Crow Laws. This policy has made it possible for african americans and other minorities to attend colleges such as Yale, Harvard, and Cornell, which would never have considered admitting people of color. Affirmative action has catapulted the advancement of the american



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