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The Advantages of Eating Out

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Essay Preview: The Advantages of Eating Out

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Błażej Sikora


Group IV

The Advantages of eating out

                    ''Everyone would be healthier if they didn't eat junk food.'' (Atkins 2008) That common saying may contain some truth, but the modern society there is one thing that is considerably more important than nutritional value of particular kind of food. The quick flow of life brings many other services to meet people’s needs. Many more people choose to have a meal outside instead of cooking at home. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantage, but eating out is way easier than consuming food at home.

                     In the first place, the pace is a primary part of modern life. For instance, growing advancement in technology, high standard of living and industrialization have affected people lifestyle in which they spend more of their time out than at home. For many citizens, going to restaurant for meal after a hard working day is substantially better than coming back home and then waste free time for preparing own dinner. ''In 2015, food and drink sales in the United States restaurant industry reached 745.61 billion U.S. Dollars'' (Chaney 2015)  That is the main reason why mushrooming of eating places is being observed. Choosing to have a social gathering with friends at the most comfortable and convenient places such as restaurants or resorts where they can be serve with variety of foods and nice service.


                  Secondly, there are also other factors to the advantages of eating out. Firstly, it is money saving. Suprisingly, having a meal outside could be considerably cheaper than at home. For instance, people who are not consuming at home corroborate that, since they have been eating in milk bars, restaurants and chip shops, they have increasingly more money to spend on substantial things. Secondly, sturdiness is also major dimension for many owners of eating places. Some people claim that preparing meals at home is considerably healthier because they can choose correct ingredients and make them on their own but while eating at a restaurant they cannot observe making food up. In their opinion, chefs can add some redundant components to form meal with better taste. These assumptions are hardly true, because cooks in respectable restaurants are committed to follow some strict rules while preparing every dish.


                  Eating out is so interesting and diverse because every particular meal has different taste.  Some people are full of creativity and innovativeness so they can prepare a lot of dishes which are difficult to cook at home. On the other hand, there are restaurants which innovates some new dishes. They do not prefer taking ascertained patterns and they are trying to create new ones. Therefore, clients have a very comfortable situation; they could so so they can make plans of asking for a loan, saving money or simply spending them on pleasurable holiday.


                   However, there are people whose ambitions are really strongly determined to check nutritional content and value of food. In this case, people who are eating outside, cannot be certain about the right choice of ingredients. Of course, restaurant workers are responsible for their job and they are trying to satisfy clients by following some standards. Although, the conditions under which meal was prepared are unknown to the client; therefore that factor is constantly influencing people to negative that way of eating.

                      In conclusion, there might be specific reasons in which, contrary to opinions, consuming at home could be better; however, eating out is a good way of having a meal. Of course, it is connected with problems. Some people could have an opinion that it is not as safe as food prepared at home, but I believe that feeding in restaurants is not so bad and worthless. People can spend more time on pleasures and other activites.

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