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Eating Disroders-Bulimic

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Essay Preview: Eating Disroders-Bulimic

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Mary Kate Olsen: Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa)

I. Introduction

In this essay a famous person is going to be analyzed to match several psychological symptoms that she presented during her life with those described in the DSMV-IV. Those symptoms are related with food, commonly named as Anorexia.

Mary-Kate Olsen, also referred to as one of the "Olsen Twins" was born on June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. Initially, they appear to be identical to her twin, but they're actually fraternal twins. Ashley Olsen, a right-hander, is the older sister by 2 minutes before Mary-Kate, left-hander. (2)

The famous sister, starting to act in TV as 9-month-old infant, played the character of Michelle on ABC's series "Full House" - a role she played for nine years. The "Mary-Kate and Ashley" brand has become a billion-dollar business through their company, Dualstar Entertainment. Each of the twins is estimated to be worth more than $150 million.

From here, Mary-Kate Olsen personal life is going to be analyzed according to the DSM-IV criteria.

II. Diagnosis

These criteria are established by the American Psychiatric Association and published in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) (1)

* Denial to keep body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height (e.g., weight loss leading to maintenance of body weight less than 85% of that expected; or failure to make expected weight gain during period of growth, leading to body weight less than 85% of that expected).

* Strong fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, even when look clearly below normal weight.

* Distorted body image, troubles in the way in which one's body weight or shape is observed, excessive influence of body weight or shape on self-evaluation, or denial of the underweight. (3)

* Amenorrhea, the absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles. Loss of menstrual periods, or menses present only following hormone administration (e.g. estrogen or birth control pills). (4)

* Also we can take in count other symptoms like deliberate self-starvation with weight loss, refusal to eat or highly restrictive eating, continuous dieting, excessive facial / body hair because of inadequate protein in the diet, exceptionally exercise craze, abnormal weight loss, sensitive to cold, absent, hair loss...

III. Discussion

Referring to normal standards in medicine, Mary-Kate (4'11 height) ideal weight should be between 100 and 116 pounds to be a healthy person; however, she fails to have a proper relationship between her weight and height. She actually weights 73 pounds!!! That means that she is around 27 pounds below the minimum weight (7) We can observe here how she is at least 25 percent below an average women with her same physical conditions.

Mary-Kate said in a one of her interviews that she was always worried about her weight and physical as a result of the big amount because of the high level of media coverage that she has. She affirmed that she was uglier than her twin sister. She also said that to be in permanent diet was a very strong-volunteer act. According to her manager she checked into a rehab clinic to seek help for a "health-related issue" (5), a little more than a week after her 18th birthday, in order to protect her public image. Later on, medical reports reflected that she had an eating disorder in which she did not eat enough to maintain her stressed daily life.

Denial is one of the main conducts of this disorder. Mary-Kate rumors about her disorder were extinguished a few times in public by her. Mary-Kate blamed her weight loss on the stress of getting into university as well as the pressures to look perfect under the spotlight - she even makes fun of her low weight when appeared on SNL. This is evidence that she denied being ill as well as hide the importance of having such as disease. Furthermore, even though she denied all rumors related with anorexia, she told in public that she had suffered a few depression episodes which is one of the derived symptoms of anorexia nervosa.

Mood disorders are very common in individuals with anorexia, sometimes leading to substance abuse. Mary-Kate has been reported to have cocaine consume prior to her checking in the rehabilitation clinic. (8). A high rate of individuals under the influence of the anorexia end dealing with alcoholism or drugs. In the Mary-Kate's case and due to her high social status and environment, cocaine is the substance abused. We also need to take in count that cocaine is a hunger-suppressor, so that helps anorexic people to maintain a low level of appetite.

From my point of view, Mary-Kate looks



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