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That's a Ten

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High school comes around and honors classes are punching you hard. The year is drawing to a close and the new class registration form is passed around signifying the new year of school. You look at the list, and see the inviting embrace of the honors classes and the dreaded AP classes. Some free information from a trusted junior: take the classes you think are best for your skillset. Choosing the honors classes is the most obvious choice, as this will show that you don’t settle for the minimum, willing to do work and shoulder the hard labor, while involving yourself in situations that do not require that you sell your soul to the devil known as calculus or to destroy your body slaving over essay after essay. Achieving honors classes means achieving balance and social mediocrity. You clearly do not overachieve but you do not also become a bottom-feeder. However, what is truly crucial is that you must pick the classes you have a vested interest in what you study and what you feel to be an acceptable class you think you can pass.

Of course, not everyone has the ability to immediately judge the passability of an honors class. Each class remains unique, and the possibilities in the classes are not projected. If this would be the case, then do not fear, as there is still one option that will become a benefice to you: the AP class. Do not cry out, AP will help. Why?

AP classes involve in-depth, quick lessons that teaches a multitude of valuable ideas. They can teach quickly and enhance your knowledge of your environment many times over in a speedy pace.

AP classes are most likely to entertain you. The teachers, the peers, the tools, and even the activities can compel you to study and work hard. Games and supplies can enhance your experience by making the terms and learnings stick, making it better and easier to access rather than reading notes off a Powerpoint.

AP classes are also the bandwagon. Why else would you sign up to AP? Your friends



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