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Ten Hot It Issues

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u01a2 Ten Hot IT Issues Review

I noticed many similarities between the article and my professional experience. I would have to say that I agree with the authors’ viewpoint on all of the ten hot issues. I have listed a few of the issues and my perspective below.

The first issue is regarding e-commerce. In the past years we have seen an enormous increase in e-commerce. Amazon and E-bay are two of the large online stores. Even smaller companies have taken to this. For example I can log onto the Internet and order groceries to be delivered to my door from my local supermarket. E-commerce is making it possible for busy people to quickly complete tasks without ever having to leave their desk.

The sixth issue has to do with telecommunications and security. We have certainly come to realize the risk of security not being up to par. Companies need to protect their data against hackers and viruses. Identity theft has become an issue in today’s society. As a consumer who uses wireless Internet I realized the importance of securing my wireless when I lived in an apartment and anyone could use my wireless connection.

Issue nine is aligning IT strategy with business strategy. This is an absolute must in order for a company to be successful. I would say most business programs today now require taking at least one MIS class in order to complete the degree. The role of the team has become more prevalent as it seems all departments are now so intertwined that one person cannot possibly know how everything is impacted. Project plan methodology and Six Sigma are buzzwords in today’s business environment due to the need for teams of people to work together to complete large and sometimes complex projects.

This course focuses on learning how to use information technology to attain business goals. In today’s environment business and IT need to be brought together for an organization to be successful. This articles focus is on the top ten IT issues that are needed for an organization to be successful in aligning IT and business strategies.

Professionally I can identify all ten of these issues within the company I currently work for.




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