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Ten Commandments

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Classrooms and the Ten Commandments

recently students' violence has become more of a problem. The problems have developed more rapidly since the Ten Commandments were taken out from classrooms. Surveys show that violence has increase significantly since the commandments have been outlawed also. Bringing back the ten commandments in the classroom will produce a positive atmosphere for the students, will help the students recognize fundamental rules which have been established since the old testament time and are expected to be followed still, and being around the ten commandments will consequently have a positive influence on them later in life.

The Ten Commandments in every classroom will make the atmosphere more positive for the students in the end. First of all, students seeing these positive guidelines everyday will steer most students in the correct direction. When the students see the Ten Commandments, it reminds them of the rules they should obey. Therefore, the kids could gain more discipline after going to a school with the Ten Commandments.

These fundamental rules have been around since the Old Testament and are still expected to be obeyed. The rules hold family morals within them, and even though the rules are from several years ago they are still important. The younger generation has not been exposed to the commandments like older generations once were.

The students around the Ten Commandments will consequently have a positive influence on them later in life. The Ten Commandments are like guidelines in your life that people are expected to obey, they can help you make decisions between right and wrong. The Ten Commandments are the back bone to our students; if we throw them out the students will struggle in life, because they don't understand what's right and wrong. In life there are many decisions you will face daily, so to some the commandments are



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