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Pericles Funeral Speech

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Pericles' Funeral Speech

Athens democracy has some evident differences of its own system compared to Sparta's. They do not copy anyone else form of government, but run theirs in a unique way. In Athens everyone seems to receive fair treatment and poverty is not a struggle they encounter. Pericle informs that the people are friendlier and more respectful neighbors that Athens neighbors. Their individual system is like no others. Athens provides many activities such as regular games and sacrifices. Therefore, he says because of their own success they can enjoy the wonders of other countries. The Athenian system is very successful and operates smoothly because of the determination and effort the people of Athens put forth.

There are some factors that made Athens and Sparta different that need to be addressed. First, Athens controls an "open city" where visitors can influence and share there knowledge about the "Athenian way." In Sparta children are dealt with in a very strict and upright manner. The women of Sparta seemed to have more freedom and power in the household because they were separated from their husbands for large amounts of time and became accustomed to this way of living. They are highly educated to the point where they are smarter than the average person their age. In Athens things are a little more laid back. They learn and mature at their own pace and still end up highly knowledgeable. When in battle Athens brings just themselves while Sparta brings their whole confederacy.

I believe that Athens had an advantage over Sparta. Even though both had their own individual strengths and came together to become one I believe Athens methods were stronger. The Athenians worked well together and seemed to be extremely spiritually motivated to overcome any obstacle. I also feel this way because the way they were brought up as children. They were taught



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