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There are many events of terrorism that have gone on throughout the world. Some of these events we are aware of and some we are not. Whether we know of these event or not it does not change the destruction and chaos it causes.

1972 in Northern Ireland July 21st a terrorism act was committed by the organization Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), it was named by the organization as Bloody Friday. The plan was to set 22 bombs around the city within 75 minutes to cause as much destruction as possible. Even though the amount of the attack was wide scaled and 130 were injured, it was two car bombs that took nine lives. From two ten to three fifteen bombs went off, but the ones that killed the those nine people were in Oxford Street bus station, and a shopping center on Cavehill Road in north Belfast. 3.10 pm at Oxford Street bus station a car bomb exploded outside the Ulsterbus depot in. This explosion ended up being the greatest loss of life and the most number of casualties, of any of the bombs on that day. On Cavehill Road a bomb went off at 3.20 pm outside a row of single storey shops, those caught in the blast had no warning of the bomb.

Other bombs were in varies unknown spots like Windsor Park, a bomb was placed on a footbridge over the Dublin to Belfast railway them detonated at 2:09 pm. A landmine was detonated on the road to Nutts Corner at 3:30 pm. A school bus full of kids was on this road the bus driver saw the landmine and swerved out of the way and saved many lives they all received minor injures. Out of all of thses detonation at 3:30 only one bomb was found and defused by the British Army. Bloody Friday remains the bloodiest terrorist act ever committed in Northern Ireland.

February 26, 1993 was a day of confusion and destruction, there was many injuries and 6 deaths. This caught the United States under surprised and unable to know who did this terrorist act. A van holding fertilizer and other highly explosives were used to explode underneath World Trade Center in New York in a parking garage. The large explosion happened at 12:18 pm in a Secret Service section of the garage. It left a huge hole in the wall above the Path underground station. Most of the people who died may have been crushed by the station ceiling.

As the explosion occurred it knocked out the electricity to the building, which disabled the lights and elevators in the building. Not only was the power out, but a fire had started from the explosion causing smoke to rise into the building making it hard for the people to breath. Both of these problems caused by the bomb made absolute chaos within the building. The bomb also caused great confusion for the paramedics, police, and fire department. The terrorist expected the towers to collapse and bring other buildings down with it. As you could see they did not complete there mission, but they gave the US a wake up call. This showed the US that we were not invincible and unable to contain unknown events.

A similar act was committed in Oklahoma on April 19, 1995 it was the Oklahoma City bombing. A set of explosions took out a section of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,



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