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In the United States we are faced with many controversial problems concerning laws to create the future of our country. One problem that has recently come to the United States attention is the controversy of same sex marriage. Same sex marriage is marriage between individuals of the same legal or biological sex. Some other names you may know the issue by are gender neutral marriage, equal marriage, gay marriage, or homosexual marriage. In the past marriage has always been between a women and a man, they can belong to any culture or race but the idea of same sex marriage was not recognized anywhere in the world. However, the present debate of same sex marriage has created a flux in the institution of marriages.

When choosing a life partner you have your own individual choice for whom you intend to marry. It was only recently that the concept of homosexuality arose. Initially homosexuality was not accepted in anyway, shape, or form. Recently naturally born gays and cast rated homosexual men, as well as normal genders that practice homosexuality has increased to an astonishing, dangerous limit. Homosexuality is naturally creates due to an imbalance of the distribution of genes during the birth of a human fetus. Biological history proves that'd homosexuality is a natural and a normal behavior, it is broadly found in all mammals just like colored eyes or another genetic tendency. Since men and women have come to recognize their civil rights and freedom to express themselves they have started to explore different ideas to enjoy sex. After little exploring homosexuality arose and homosexuals began to find more pleasure in sexual intercourse with the same sex rather than the opposite sex. With this rise in numbers of homosexuality due to their discoveries many have created the concept of same sex marriage as well. Both supporters and opponents to the philosophy of marriages among same sex have their own logic and justifications to their views. Homosexuals believe that the state should not interfere in the personal choices of homosexuals for same sex marriage since they have the right to choose and marry equally to others according to the civil marriage commitments. Bisexuals strongly oppose same sex marriage and claim it is morally and religiously as well as legally wrong to marry the same sex. With these different view points you can see how this can become the hottest debate issue currently in America.

The basic debate about the issue is simple really, it is about gay marriages in regard to morality and legality and the moral and legal right of the citizens. Moral and Immoral behavior is related to ethics, whatever action of personal behavior that doesn't harm another person in any way is considered to be morally right. Homosexuality and same sex marriage being morally right has been a debatable topic. Homosexuality, if it is not done tragically humiliating the self-respect of an individual it is moral. Whether it is with the same gender or the opposite, using force to enjoy sexual intercourse with an individual is immoral. Though the debate of same sex marriage is traditionally rooted in the religious philosophy and the concept of morality and immoral behavior. It has become once of the most significant issues tangling the federal and state government of America. As far as the concept of morality is concerned, according to the bible, homosexuality is basically an illegitimate sexual lust that is forbidden by god. With that being stated two people of the same sex getting married are not acting morally and are absurd according to the Christian religion. Since the Christian community strictly follows the bible, one needs to respect the teachings of the bible as it considers homosexuality and illicit sexual desire not permitted by religion.

Now that the issue of same sex marriage is no longer an emotional or personal it has become a religious, political, moral, rational, and legal as well as constitutional issue. The American constitution safeguards the civil rights of minorities and provides equal protection with out any discrimination of sex, class, race, or creed. Therefore, the supporters of same sex marriage feel that the constitution should specifically provide protection of same sex marriages. Since the 5th and 14th amendments of the American constitution provide equal rights to the citizens of America disregard any discrimination of sex, race, cast and color. It at the same time also says that the state will not interfere in the basic human right affairs of the American citizens without persuasive reason. The 1st amendment of the American constitution safeguards the rights of individuals against sex discriminate, which makes us understand that prohibition against same sex marriage is equal to sex discrimination.

America has a democratic political structure, democracy means to the run the states by the people, for the people, and with the people. Therefore, the citizens have the constitutional as well as moral right for same sex marriage. The state has no constitutional right



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