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Television A Great Invention

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Television a Great Invention

Some people may argue that television is the worst invention there is, but I will argue against that. There are more pro's to television then there are con's. There is the up to date information that you have access to at all times. There are also educational television shows. Last, television produces entertainment for everyone.

One of the most important qualities of television is the up to date information available. You are able to turn on your T.V and there is the weather channel that alerts you for any upcoming storms. The information does not stop there you can watch the local news to find out if your high school football team one their last game. The television will advise you if there was a robbery down the street, just by watching the news on T.V. I believe that this maybe the most important reason to have a television.

Second, there is the educational aspect of television. There are many children's shows that teach them how to count or play with others. Then there are the adult educational shows such as the National Geographic channel, it allows adults to expand their minds and learn something they normally would not. Education is a large part of our childhood and adulthood and it should be as convient as turning on the television. Another example is the GED channel that assists people who want to further their education.

Finally yet very important is one of the funniest parts of television, the entertainment. I understand if we did not have television that we maybe able to read more or exercise more. Although there are those days that it is nice to sit on the couch and enjoy your favorite T.V show. Entertainment television does more than just entertain. It will help adults or children learn to interact with others as they have watched on the television.

There are many more advantages to having television than not. There is the



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