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Teen Drug Addiction

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Essay Preview: Teen Drug Addiction

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Teen Drug Addiction

We all heard and read a lot about drug abuse. Although there are many organizations in the whole world trying to fight with this problem, the amount of dependent is increasing every year. In my native country, in Belarus, it became the biggest social problem because it started to affect teenagers. This problem is discussing very often in the schools and colleges. People are trying to figure out the causes of this horror. However, the main causes begin at home including: too much freedom for kids, too strict rules in the families, broken relationship between mother and father, and no communication between them and their children.

The first cause is that kids are growing up in an absolute freedom. Sometimes it happens in the families where children can do and have everything because they are loved by parents so much. This kind of parents is trying to make their kids happy all the time. They are trying to be their best friends, but the same time sheltering them from the real life. On the other hand, it’s possible if the parents do no pay any attention to their kid’s education, how they are growing. These children live with no any control. All of these kids simply don’t know the word “no.” When they are leaving the families and go to society, they’re meeting different world. Now, they have to follow many rules, otherwise they can be punished. It makes teens angry and aggressive. They are trying to find the other world, where they can be free to do all they want.

To the opposite of unlimited freedom, there are kids that had too strict families. They have strong code of behavior. They have to do this and do not do that, or say this but never say that. There is no time for own private life. All of their steps are criticized by adults. The kids always must be excellent, obedient, and quiet. They shouldn’t have free time, but always could be busy with some useful task or duties. If they do something wrong they will be punished or at least will make their parents disappointed. These kids are trying to run from the reality to express their own nature.

Another cause of teen drug addiction is laying down in hard relationships between the parents. Mom and dad hate each other for many years, but do not divorce



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