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Drug Addiction, What Do You Really Know?

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Essay Preview: Drug Addiction, What Do You Really Know?

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Drug Addiction, What do you really know?

What you may or may not already know

You probably already know some things about drug addiction. Right now you're probably thinking that this is just another article about drug addiction, stuff you already know. You probably know that you can get physically addicted to drugs such as nicotine and cocaine. You also probably know that you can get psychologically addicted to other drugs such as marijuana and alcohol. You know that drugs can and will ruin your life if you let them. You know that drugs can mess with your body and brain. Most drug articles try to use scare tactics and make you fearful of drugs; this approach is a bit different.

What you don't know

Every drug and everything in the world is psychologically addictive if you let it be, that's right, everything. You may think you can use drugs such as LSD or Marijuana without getting addicted and be fine and truthfully you can most of the time. What happens if you like it just a little too much though, there is a thought in the back of your head that tells you to do it, even though you know it's wrong. When someone offers you it again, you just can't turn it down. These are all signs of early psychological addiction. Just like a normal addiction, psychological addiction to anything can mean bad consequences. (1)(2)

More is not in your control when it comes to drugs than you may currently believe. Thinking that only people who want to use a drug get psychologically addicted is ludicrous. A psychological addiction may start out as a social thing, but it could end up something quite the opposite. You may or may not be at a great risk for psychological dependence, it all depends on your genetics. (3) Things to look at before socially using drugs are:

* Your families past history with drugs, alcohol is a good thing to look at since it is not illegal

* Your own personality, do you easily develop habits which are not easily broken?(3)

* Do you have an addictive personality?(3)

Availability of illegal drugs and underage alcohol is the main problem with young people getting psychologically addicted to such substances. You should try to stay away from anyone who you might suspect of doing drugs, because they could very likely draw you into there own addiction. Another likely scenario is that they do not have an addictive personality and do drugs just to enjoy them while you do have an addictive personality and they do not realize they could be messing up your life for good. What drives most of us to do drugs at an early age is the fact that we are not supposed to. (4)

Maybe you haven't yet confronted or realized it yet, but somewhere deep inside you there is a burning desire to do things which you are not supposed to do. Try as best you can to fight off that desire, as it may lead to worse things. Odds are you will try drugs anyway. After trying drugs for the first time, whether it be getting drunk or using marijuana, you may experience a different perspective on life. If you experience this get out as soon as you can before it's too late, this is a very good indicator of an addictive personality. Exceptions to this are with the use of extreme drugs such as LSD or PCP, which often times offer a very different perspective on life without being addictive to you.(1)


The consequences are great of being addicted to almost any drug, psychological



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