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Technology Impact

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Technology Impact

As technology continues to change, businesses have to adapt to new and faster ways in which to reach customers in this competitive technology age. There have been many reviews on how different and new technologies affect businesses, but what about the consumer? The following takes a look at how a business introduces a new product to its customers, what value was added because of the new technology, the support plan for the new technology; new partnerships and how the customer experience is enhanced by the technology.

Not all people are comfortable with technology so introducing new technology to customers has to be managed carefully (University of Phoenix, 2001). In the hair salon industry (mainly African American hair salons) it is customary for the client to pay the stylist by cash or check once services are rendered. Since a hair stylist is considered self employed, control and responsibility of payments is left up to the stylist. Although this process works well, for many, in the event that a clients check does not clear the stylist takes on the task of collection activity for services performed and any associated fees with a returned check.

Lengthy discusses about the amount of payment once services are rendered and double booking are common practices. Transition from one client to the next does not always turn out to be a smooth one. The task of cashier or discussions about price can lead to a longer wait for the next client. For stylist on the go, appointments are scheduled without consulting appointment books causing clients to wait longer for services to be performed. Clients are also double booked due the stylist wanting to make as much money as possible. Many stylist fail to conduct business as a self employed person providing the best service possible and eventually run into problems.

At Elements Hair Salon, providing the best possible service is key. The owner researched ways in which to eliminate the problems above and many others. The end result was the implementation of the Spa/Salon Manager® software. The Spa/Salon Manager® provides user-friendly management software for the hair salon, day spa, medi-spa, nail salon and esthetician industry (Innovative Business Computer Solutions, Inc., 200). Spa/Salon Manager® helps organize the daily needs of operations so that the bulk of tasks are handled by the receptionist. The stylist is freed up from scheduling appointments, accepting payments, discussing pricing, collecting fees and much more. Clients are able to pay by credit or debit card and can pre-pay for their next visit.

On top of assisting the stylist the Spa/Salon Manager® the software offers the following features in the appointment book such as printing employee schedules, list of existing appointments for a client, tracks standing appointments and books them automatically, allows for individual booking styles per employee along with other features. Allows for a quick retail



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