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Impact Of Technology

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Impact of Technology


Ethical Decision Making

Michael Sreckov

University of Phoenix

Management 331

Mr. Robert Stack

June 01, 2005

The decision making process will always present ethical challenges to managers. Is this the right thing to do? This question is the center of the ethical dilemma for any one who is a decision maker in corporations through out the world. A collection of many factors will be taken in consideration in answering to this question. Is it right for the company? Is it right for me? There are many ways to approach the ethical subject, and different ethical values may and can come from different approaches like in the way a decision can be evaluated is dependent on the values and interests of the person or group of people evaluating that decision. For example some stakeholders in some companies will not care that much if the decision was made based on ethical values counting it generated the results they expected. This is where the risk lies, because the decision maker will also have this mind when deciding about the subject, depending on how much he or she may over look some ethical issues in lieu that a good outcome or good earnings can come through.

The ground rules about which a decision maker will care are highly dependent on the moral approach. The decision maker may use a self interest or material approach and decision that will be directed towards his or her own benefit these decisions can sometimes cause good results for the company even if the decision maker has only



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