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Eng 1102 - Technology Advancement

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Zacchaeus Sellers

Professor Schroeder

English 1102        

19 April 2018

Technology Advancement

        With the invention of technology and its rapid growth, I believe that the advantages of it outweighs the disadvantages.  Technology, as a whole, brings so many different positive things that the negative things are overlooked.  Not too many people would disagree that technology advancement is very helpful and amazing to our society.  All of the different networking tools and different things makes life so much easier.

        One reason why technology advancement is a great thing for our society is because it makes it easier for people to communicate with others.  There are so many different devices and social networking sites that allow people to talk with each other in many ways.  There are social media sites, such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more that allow people to talk with other people that they wouldn’t be able to talk to.  There are such huge numbers of various gadgets; for instance, there are iPads, iPhones, PCs, tablets, even TV have ways individuals can access web-based networking media. All of this is a necessity for some individuals since that utilize online networking and different things to communicate and get the greater part of their data. This entrance to web-based social networking enables individuals to seek anyone they need if they need to discover any news about them.  Some people may argue that with the different forms of technology people are becoming to distracted by their devices.  But, people get way more information with all of the social media networking that they do because there are so many things to read. In our general public, today, individuals get most their news from various sorts of online networking. There's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and numerous social platforms are basically priority for many people and they get news from there consistently. Critical news about popular individuals, governmental issues, and simply arbitrary data is all finished online networking. Individuals barely read daily papers anymore because of the fact that you need to know you can discover it on your cell phone, PC, or any sort of gadget that approaches the web.  

        Another reason why the advantages of technology outweighs the negatives of technology is because it helps students become a whole lot better educated. For example, In an article by Ellen M. Granberg called “How Technology Enhances Teaching and Learning” she talks about how technology helps students at the University of Vanderbilt become better educated.  Two professors, David Owens and Bart Victor, both used video conferencing to bring guest speakers to their students to give them helpful information.  As the faculty at Vanderbilt continue to bring more technology into their classrooms, they have noticed it makes students get involved in in-class discussion.  Also, Professors have been using PowerPoint slides to help them with their lectures in class and demonstrate certain projects they are teaching.  In the article it says, “Technology Changes Teaching, Not Teachers”, which explains how teachers believe that technology has a great improvement on their teaching ways and skills, but it doesn’t change them as teachers. Teachers enjoy the fact that technology can help students interact more in their classrooms and that it helps gain their attention.  Some professors even have their notes and lecture PowerPoints online, so some teachers don’t even require their students to write anything down in class.  The teachers at Vanderbilt use technology for the student’s sake of helping them gain as much knowledge as possible.  Granberg even explains how students will come to class prepared better with technology because they can search things online.


        Another thing that makes the positives of technology outweigh the negatives is because of the different transportation that has created.  For example, there are cars, planes, trains, boats, helicopters, and so much more.  Without these different forms of transportation people wouldn’t be able to get to everywhere they need to.  People who want to go meet with their family that stay far away wouldn’t be able to meet with them.  Without our many forms of transportation, there would be so many limitations on what people can do.  For example, people wouldn’t be able to travel and make the many business moves that they make.  Being able to own cars makes it so much easier on individuals.  Some people will believe that because of some of the many accidents that have happen that advancements in vehicles should be limited.  I would disagree because having all this transportation doesn’t put any limitations on what people can do, and it allows people to make decisions that will help them in the future.  There aren’t too many excuses a person can make with all of our forms of transportation.

        Technology has so many positive things that it makes many people ignore some of the negative things that it brings.  For example, things on social media help make people laugh, get information, and it is amazingly entertaining.  Sometimes social media and technology help individuals feel less alone than what they already are by communicating with other people online.  In the event that you don't have a cell phone or some kind of device that enables you to get on the web, you're likely missing a great deal of critical data that is going ahead in the public arena.  Numerous individuals depend on all these web-based social networking systems to furnish them with current data because of the rapid growing developing of technology so much

today.  Social media has opened doors for many people.  Many people can upload a product to their social media page and have customers who want to buy it.  This is an expansion on what people had to do a long time ago.  Many years ago, people who pursued putting a product out on the market would have to actually leave their area to promote their product.  This is another way that the advancement of technology makes things so much easier on individuals.  It creates more job opportunities for people.  Many individuals can now work for someone without being in the same exact room as them.  The social media platform has enabled people to communicate with people like never before.  You can communicate through video chat and interact with people all around the world.

        Also, with the advancement of technology it creates tools to allow doctors and nurses to make the best medicine to cure people.  There are scientist all over the world everyday working on more and more ways to improve medicine.  Also, these scientist are trying to find out ways to be able to cure many diseases that are labeled as incurable at this moment.  Also, as of right now technology is being used for medical care.  Doctors proceed everyday to do surgical procedures and help people who are sick and this decreases the sicknesses many people get.  



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