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Techniques Of Feliks Skrzynecki Poem

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Essay Preview: Techniques Of Feliks Skrzynecki Poem

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Feliks Skrzynecki

Stanza 1:

* Attribute to Felik's dignity and stoicism in the face of loss and hardship.

* Personal/Possessive pronoun "my"-final relationship

* "Gentle"-tender adjective

* (warm feelings, loving affection)

* 'Kept pace only with the Joneses of his own mind's making'

* Colloquialism

* Alliteration of 'M'-'Mind's making'

(Has his own values, individual-sets his own standards)

* Initial picture of a man detached from the world that surrounds him-shows immigrant isolation but also Feliks strength of character.

* 'Loved his garden like an only child'-Simile

* Ambiguous-loved it like it was an only child then it mean he showed the garden a lot of attention, loved it.

* If he loved it like he was an only child then it demonstrates Felik's loneliness and isolation.

* It could demonstrate the composer's bitterness that Felik's loved the garden more than his son.

* 'Walking its perimeter'-shows that he's on the edge; not a part of it isolated.

* 'Alert, brisk and silent'-adjective listing; reinforces the time. Feliks spent sweeping as well as the sense that this is a childhood vision. It could also suggest that Feliks is reliving his journey across the world.


* Manual Images-'Hand darkened from cement, finger with cracks'- father is hardworking, stoic, a good provider. Powerful images of hard physical labour.

* 'Like the sods he broke'-simile

- Broke, existed, fall, turned, rolled-inversion of sentence order emphasizes Feliks actions.

- Real admiration and owe in son's attitude to his father.

* 'Why his arm didn't fall off'-child like-superhuman strength to the child.


* 'His Polish Friends'-identify the nationality

* 'Too violently I thought'-implied judgment-son feels excluded in this stanza. Dissociation from the distant, 'Alien' culture.

* 'Feliks Skrzynecki'-direct speech-odds dramatic immediacy.

* 'Reminisced'-positive connotations-immigrant experience, fond memories.

'About farms where paddocks flowers, with corn and wheat, Horses they bred, pigs'-peasant agricultural background.

* Words suggest action+hardwork/robust and physical life they used to live.

* Duality of Feliks character

-The man who helped the "paddocks flower"

-The man "skilled in slaughtering"

* Garden in Australia a way of reproducing old pastoral life.

* 'I never once heard'-hagiographical(reverently celebratory)

'I never'-emphatic-reiterates the son's admiration of his father's stoicism.




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