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Poems Questions

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1)"America" is written in a Public voice. McKay writes this poem as though it is meant to be heard by all. However, there are some parts in "America" where it takes a more personal approach. For example, when McKay states "Stealing my breath of life, I will confess I love this cultured hell that tests my youth." and also when he mentions how he gazes into the days ahead. I find in those sections of the poem McKay takes a more personal approach because of the specifics mentioned solely about her. The public approaches McKay makes in "America" are the parts where she is vaguer and the poem can relate to anyone. Specifically, the ending that focuses on the touch of time and priceless treasures can be construed by anyone to mean what they want.

2) McKay does not mention his heritage in "America" or his background because it is unnecessary. Anyone who has experienced America can relate to McKay's poem. He seems as though he may have a better interpretation, because he has experienced other cultures.

3) In the poem "America" written in the traditional form it has a huge impact. The traditional form focuses on the nations popular heroes. This is America. Had this poem been written in a different format it is possible it wouldn't have as deep of an impact.

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1) "The Shrine Whose Shape I Am" tells the reader that the author is possibly a white Christian. The poem conveys that the author is Jewish and possibly white because it mentions many biblical terms and that he feels like the kings son. A specific part in the poem where he seems Jewish the most is where he mentions "I believe prophets and Blake and like David I bless myself" the author is referring to the biblical David and prophet's

2) The Author is specifically referring to the Shrine when he mentions there is no Jerusalem but this. The Shrine is his Jerusalem because that is all that he is left with.

3) This poem implies that the writer is more than likely Jewish from because he talks about how his physical body is part of his Jewish identity. His ethnic background becomes apart of his private mythology.

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1) "Aubade" in a sense can be confessional poetry because it renders personal experience very candidly. This poem violates religion to a certain degree,



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