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Tcw School Recommendation Report

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Essay Preview: Tcw School Recommendation Report

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Sample Recommendation Report

To: add principal’s name here with title, Principal, TCW Memorial School

From:  Amy Jones, add job title and company name

Date: 19 June 2018

Subject: Recommendation report (too vague  Recommendations to improve attendance at TCW Memorial School)

1. Introduction

This  report  provides  recommendations  to  improve  attendance  at  TCW  Memorial School, linked highly to increasing student and school connection, and success. It proposes actions to take with attendance policy and practices.

The Principal is concerned about the effectiveness of the existing attendance policy and practices due to recent excessive absences and the need to increase the school status to a ‘four-star’. She requested Elite Education Consulting to investigate current interventions and efforts, and how the school can improve them to increase attendance by 2020.

Elite Education Consulting undertook this report on 19 June 2018.(is it right?) We surveyed 1082 participants (600 students, 420 parents, and 62 teachers) and conducted thirty-minute group interviews with them (confusing teachers) over two weeks.(you might want to give more background info, eg when) We reinforced our findings(? What does it mean) with those from10 other schools within the same district.what does it mean? What did you do?

This report provided provides an understanding of the effects of the current interventions and efforts on attendance at TCW Memorial School, and on best practices to improving attendance. Due to the two-week timeframe, we only interviewed 40 teachers. And only 825 out of the 1082 distributed were completed.(Is the word ‘only’ needed? You almost sound apologetic, but the sample sizes are quite large already)

This report provides the conclusions, recommendations, and the findings.

2. Conclusions

Based on the findings on attendance at TCW Memorial School, it seems that(no need to sound so tentative we agree that) the current interventions and efforts are insufficient to strengthen the connection between students, parents, teachers, and the school. The school has:

2.1  communicated little of its expectations to students, parents and teachers about attendance;

2.2  decreased  student  attendance  rates  and  liking  for  the  school  by  removing incentives previously offered; and

2.3   monitored and followed up on student absences minimally.

3. Recommendations

As  the  current  interventions  and  efforts  on  attendance  should  strengthen  the connection between students, parents, teachers and the school, we recommend the school to:

3.1  set up a committee to create whole-school strategies to increase and sustain attendance. This committee, in deciding its members, should consider including a wider community (district governor, school board of governors, the Principal, parents, teachers and students).

The school should set up this committee within the next three months.

3.2   recommend the school to communicate  the  strategies  which  include  policies  and  practices  to  increase attendance to students, parents and teachers by:

3.2.1  clearly and  regularly communicate (communicating)  expectations  about  attendance and increasing awareness of lost time and learning opportunities. This could be done through monthly newsletters, and at parent-teacher meetings twice yearly.

3.2.2  reinstate (reinstating)  or   modify (modifying)   incentives   previously   removed   to   increase attendance, and including disincentives. The school could give certificates of recognition and food coupons for meeting the target attendance rate.

3.2.3  delegate (delegating) to staff responsibilities such as monitoring student attendance records and following up on student absences quickly using a student attendance   management   system.   This   system   should   track   student absences in real-time, inform teachers, students and parents as quickly as possible about student attendance, and require students to justify for their absences through email or SMS alerts on mobile devices. Teachers could further follow up on the student absences through the phone or face to face.

3.2.4  provide (providing) student support during transition periods such as moving from a new home and into a new school, moving from the sixth grade to secondary school, starting a new year in a new class or joining school after a period of suspension.

4. Findings and Analyses

Between 2016 and 2018, TCW Memorial School communicated little of its expectations to students, parents and teachers about attendance.

The questionnaire data revealed (reveal) that 60% of the respondents were unaware of the attendance policies and practices detailed in the student handbook and on the school’s webpage. 5% (Five percent) of those respondents mentioned that they did not know the school had an attendance policy. All parent respondents mentioned that they did not receive (have not received) any school attendance updates since 2016. The interview data showed (show) that most parents welcomed (welcome)  the  idea  of  receiving  monthly  email  updates  about  school  attendance. Others preferred (Data also show that some parents prefer) the updates to be sent twice annually. Data from student interviews indicated (indicate) that though student respondents were aware of the attendance policies and practices, there were few reinforcements at school assemblies or talks.



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