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Tasty Frozen Treats, Inc. Case Study

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Essay Preview: Tasty Frozen Treats, Inc. Case Study

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Tasty Frozen Treats, Inc. Case Study


Priscilla Vazquez

Colorado Christian University

In this paper as the research consultant, I will analyze the methods used in the process of choosing the three new flavors to launch nation-wide by Tasty Frozen Treats, Inc.  I will review the methods and approaches taken by the company’s marketing department and attempt to answer each as accurately and systematically as possible.

What assumptions does Ellen make regarding Colorado?

In this assumption Ellen is assuming that the three flavors selected out of the 12 will be best to include in the rollout nationwide, however what research has been conducted to assure that the three flavors selected in Colorado will be a home run nationwide?  The design of the researched has not been developed via question and hypothesis to effectively select the appropriate research.

Why would the company want to limit a new campaign to three flavors? Do you believe this is a good approach? Why or Why not?

It is a possibility the company may not want to produce ice cream that may not sell and only want to invest in the top three flavors with the probable roll out of additional flavors in the future.  I think the approach is a cautious one from a business standpoint.  New products need capital to fund the production process and therefore limiting the process to three flavors would enable the company to test the market with the top three and utilized the profits to reinvest into other flavors.

Is a state-wide sample possible? How should the company choose a proper population sample (representation and size) to test their ice cream flavors such that they can reasonably rely on the results for their decision-making?

The statewide survey is possible.  The company should provide unweighted sample sizes for the overall sample, children, and adults, they may be examining.   They should obtain the absolute sample in terms of population.  By selecting approximately a percentage of the population (population in 2018, 5,695,564 Census) then the higher probability of the sample to represent the population.   With this sample size I would be comfortable stating their three finalized flavors can be relied upon for the nationwide rollout.

How would you design this research effort to get that test population to sample the ice cream?

I would design the research effort in a quantitative research method.  By interviewing taste testers “will both enrich and confirm the picture you collect of a situation,” in this case the top three flavors.

What are the limitations that need to be considered in your research methodology?

We have to make sure the findings are reliable.  We have to ensure there is no bias exists and the research is free from errors.   It is imperative the research methodology is valid.



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