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Tanglewood Case 1

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Essay Preview: Tanglewood Case 1

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TangleWood Case One

To: Donald Penchiala, the Director of Staffing Services

REE: Tanglewood Retail Case

Date: July 18th, 2010

Every business in the global market has to have some sort of staffing strategy in order to be successful. Tanglewood Retail store is one of the big and puplor retailers among 12 regions locally and ovbersees. After I examined the report that you provide me with, I have analyized the stafffing strategy decisions as below with my recommindiation.

Acquirer or develop talent, Core or flexible workforce:

After reviewing the Tanglewood case, and exhibit 1.7 in chapter one of our text book Staffing Strategy, I felt the that the staffing levels and quality listed, developing talent and exceptional workforce are the most important strategy's for the company to focus on because of the different cultures which are related to the different regions. Tanglewood has to differentiate it's self from its competitors such as Kohl's, Target, and Kmart by having a high level of employee expertise in their work performance and customer service to maintain and exceed the competition. Going back to any successful company you will notice that their internal culture is strong due its requirements. For instance people from the same region as the store will be a better fit for the job because they know the culture and will live in the same atmosphere as there workplace. According to Business monthly, "Tanglewood really needs to slow down and take a hard look at our corporate culture. Right now we need to consolidate and make sure we're as close to the company's original mission as we can be. Our success is due entirely to our strong culture-this is something we need to hold on to." These strategy's decisions will help support Tanglewood work atmosphere and build a strong relationship among employees, which will lead to successful job performances.

Hiring or retain, Overstaff or Understaffed, and External or Internal Hiring:

If we look at the next three decisions for the staffing levels, hire or retain decision, over staffed or understaffed decision, and external or internal hiring precedure we will see that Tanglewood Company is over-staffed. Eventhough, Tanglewood mangers are more cooperative with all its employees' suggestions regarding the company's operations but still it needs to decreased. I really think that by decreasing the number of employees and increasing the responsibility staffing, training in each department will make the work atmosphere stronger and job performance with be done in a shorter time and also saving money for the company. For my personal opinion, Tanglewood needs to retain their employees and develop their talent and skills instad hiring new ones and try to make them more flexible in the work place. If we look deeper to Tanglewood culture and values we can find that all employees are working as one family and I think external hiring will affect this strategy because people coming from different culture or perspective value will affect the family atmosphere workplace. Internal hiring I will encourage more because of the people culture and value from each region, this is due to the similarity between the employee and their society. Internal hiring region will be much better and affective in the work strategy then external region.

Hire Yourself or Outsource :

This is a unique and tricky decision for any company because it may lead to advantage or disadvantage of the company process decision for two reasons: one, by hiring me to be an outside consultant for Tanglewood will include the lack of knowledge to the HR function in reality and determine my results based off the papers presented by Tanglewood retailer director to me. Second, I am not fully aware of their strengths or weaknesses of the internal regions because I am not one of them. Personally I will not encourage out source consultants because of their lacking in the actual experience of that region. However, there are several advantages for hiring an out source such as giving a new plan or idea, a new technique and a new opinion to improve certain things.

National or Global:

Tanglewood is a retail store known all over the regions and over seas. Each region enjoys its own culture and values, which distinguishes from others. The pattern and the process of Tanglewood has to be similar, however, internal department methods will run depending on the regions culture. On page 12 of the Tanglewood case book its states that " If you tell someone exactly what to do, you're only getting half an employee. If your



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