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Sustainable Development Goals

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Yunus emphasized that social business is a new entrepreneurial business designed to create a new civilization that aims to reduce poverty, unemployment, and environmental degradation. Sustainability is the core driver for social business to creatively solve human problems. Yunus’ novel concept of a new civilization resonates with the approach of corporate social responsibility (CSR), as declared in the article “Strategy and Society” by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer. As Porter and Kramer stated, firms have become increasingly involved in social development and environmental preservation through CSR programs. Companies can use CSR programs to improve their internal business practices and participation in the enhancement of society. Similar to the goals of social business, strategic and effective CSR programs are attempting to solve unemployment issues, eliminate the wasteful use of natural resources, and change resource-driven conflicts, among other problems. As evidenced by Yunus, it is time for organizations to help to create a world of three zeros, and by recognizing this fact, corporations should be at the forefront of ensuring the elimination of poverty, unemployment, and carbon emissions. Companies can ensure that there is no poverty by embracing altruism and generosity while pursuing their interests. Corporations should compensate suppliers well and encourage sustainable business practices among them. Firms have the ability to reduce unemployment by investing more in labor-intensive projects so that as many people as possible can have access to gainful employment. In additional, to ensure zero carbon emissions, corporations should raise awareness about utilizing clean energy and cut down on wasteful energy utilization.

Despite the fact that corporations can strategically apply CSR to generate competitive advantages, while at the same time solving hassles that threaten the existence of society, Yunus believes that advancing toward the ultimate



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