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Supreme Court Justices

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The Supreme Court justices are appointed in the same manner as all Federal Constitutional Judges, by the President with the advise of the U.S. Senate for life terms without a reduction in pay. This is to assure judicial independence. The impact would be enormous if the Supreme Court justices had to be elected to office by the people. If they were elected by the people they would not make every decision fairly, they would not be in office for life and they wouldn't be as well respected.

The Supreme Court justices and every decision they make are fully abiding to the law. If they were elected by the people into office, they would make decisions to please the people so they would stay in office. If they made a poor calling according to the people, they might not vote for them in the next coming election. For example, if a celebrity or some type of a model figure did something illegal and you found them guilty, the people would most likely not vote for you because of your decision, even if it was correct. So by having the justices appointed you get more correct decisions because they have no need to please the people. They do their job and what is correct and if the people don't like it then that's to bad, it is the law.

Secondly, if we had elections of Supreme Court justices then they wouldn't be in office for life. Which means they would not have the experience and the knowledge that the current justices have. If the job was not for life, then what gives them the motivation to keep doing well. They would just be getting a hold of things and then the next election would come up and they would be out like that. So having them for life gives them a tremendous motivation to understand the laws and what they need in order to do their job perfectly.

Lastly, we have great respect for our Supreme Court justices. They represent a lot to us. The reason we have such strong respect for them is because we have them for life



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