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Support to College Student

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Preparing to go off to school is by far one of the most challenging things to do. You must deal with making sure you have everything checked off your college to do list. Do you have enough towels? How are you even going to pay for school? All of these overwhelming thoughts are continuously on your mind. Without the support of you family college could be a huge weight on your back.

One of the most stressful situations is being around the people that said they would be there for me, but never came. There is so much lack of support around students trying to go to school and get a degree whether it’s from his or her family, the university it’s self or the alumni association or federal financial aid. College is where students need the most support, but it seems like family, and even the University itself has no defense for me. “Face-to-face interaction with, and support from, family members and peers are among the most common and important proximal processes for adolescents and young adults and play an important role in academic outcomes” (Muuss)

Anyone could give professional, financial, or emotional support. It is as small as giving the information for a scholarship. There should more support in scholarship applications. Students need be instructed on how to be successful and where to discover additional help. Many need to instruct these students to know what it genuinely takes to succeed, where to discover the help assets they may need, and in particular, that they have somebody who has faith in them and in their scholarly goals in other words more support is needed all around. Most importantly, they must have someone that scholarly and emotionally supports them for the student to want to flourish in the near future,

For a start of advanced education, students need advisors. They need someone to guide them in the right direction. If the student does know where to go, they will never start. Internships are almost essential to student



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