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Students Issues in College

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College has a lot of difficulty and competition.Because of this,students need certain

good qualities to help them pass through college and get good grade.As we can see,bad

college students have some different bad qualities which make them degenerate, but the

qualities of good college students always look same.Students want to get success in

college,so I came up with three different qualities and habit to guide students a little bit.The

good things that most successful college students have are being self-disciplined,good time

management,and hard-working.

One of the good quality of successful students is being self-disciplined.Self discipline is

not only a important quality for college students,but also important for everyone else who

wants to become better.College life is an important part of most people.The quality of college

life will greatly affect how we live in future.Self-discipline means having the vision of agreeing

to the facts,the strong willpower,the courage to face difficulties,and the spirit of diligence and

perseverance.There was a famous person in China called Fuyou Xue.He was a bad student in

college with a really low GPA.Once he received a warn about his grade,it means if next

semester he doesn’t have any improvement he will be expel from school.But he found a good

idea to figure it out.He bought two glass bottles.Every time he did a good thing or studied hard

he put a yellow bean in a bottle.In contrast,every time he did something bad or couldn’t control

himself he put a black bean to another bottle.In the beginning,there were more black beans

than yellow beans,but gradually the black beans stopped raising the yellow beans became

much more.Finally he graduated from college with a pretty good grade and found a good job.A

bad student that almost be expel from school can return back because of self-disciplined,It’s

really helpful quality for students to become better.

Second,students should ensure they are organized.The most easy way is to set a

learning schedule for oneself,this helps them manage the time.To me,I always write out the

daily schedule at the beginning of the day.It will include the unfinished assignment from the last few days as well as new assignment,then I ​prioritize the that ​assignment that ​I have to finish toda​y. Lastly I choose some optional assignment.I think this is a successful time

management method for me.It increases my time utilization rate and reduces my stress

feeling.After I finish



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