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College Acceptance Letter - Transfer Students

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Attending school is a reality that can date back to years in your life that you must strain to remember. From show and tells to college term papers, education is one of the longest lasting and most defining events of your life. Education can be defined as the knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process. This knowledge, of course, is in the hands of a particular teacher to pass on to a group of students willing to learn. Whether it be an introductory art class or an advanced math course, it has been equally important for teachers to transfer their knowledge of a subject to the minds of prospective students.

Another reality of education is life experience. Life experiences occur as often as we allow them to, although most of the time such experiences are out of our physical control. In my own life, just a few months ago, I was informed of the news that I had not been accepted into (college of choice) for the Fall 2005 term. I found that however unfortunate, this life experience helped me to gain a new kind of knowledge. In the past, one of my main student life and academic goals was being able to accept failure to essentially acquire the strength to overcome any future obstacles. However, after having been presented with failure in achieving admission to my college of choice, my main student life and academic goals were changed. I realize now that life isn't about learning to live with any sort of failure in order to make you stronger, rather to acknowledge that failure exists, and to constantly be driven enough to never be plagued by it.

I am currently a full-time undergraduate student at (college of choice). Although it is certainly an excellent university that I commute to daily, I can't seem to escape the drive within me to overcome the mistakes that I made in the past that cost me admission into (college of choice). The obstacle that I face today is allowing the reader of this essay to trust that I will use



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