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Student Case Study

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Essay Preview: Student Case Study

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Scheduling is a key factor in assuring success in the workplace, especially when you are being counted on by co-workers.


Carl Robbins, a new campus recruiter employed by ABC, Inc for six months, attempts his first recruitment for the company. Unfortunately, scheduling problems are brought to his attention and he panics days before the newly recruited expected start dates in July.

Key Problems:

#1: The first major problem: Not following up on a suggestion

On May 15th, Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor, which is the person that Carl Robbins was recruiting for, brought to his attention that specific documents and drug testing needed to be coordinated for the new hires. Monica was assured by Carl that everything will be arranged in time for their orientation scheduled on June 15th. Carl began reviewing the new trainee's files after Memorial Day, and realized that some files did not have completed applications and none of the new trainee's was sent for their mandatory drug screening.

#2: The second major problem: Scheduling

Carl was upset behind the in-completed files and orientation manuals that he went for a walk. Upon his return, he decided to look into the training room he will be using for the orientation scheduled for June 15th. To his surprise, he saw Joe, from the technology services department, setting up computers. Carl decided to review the scheduling log and saw that the entire month of June was booked by Joe for computer training seminars. Carl had planned to have the new trainee's begin their training for June 15th. So, not only does he not have the documents and testing completed but now he has no training room.

Possible Solutions:

#1: The suggestion was made the 15th of May and at that time is when Carl should have reviewed the files to assure they were completed or at least to find out what is missing. Instead he waited until Memorial Day which is approximately 2 weeks after the suggestion was made. Carl should have looked into the time frame for everything that needed to be ready for the orientation.

#2: The first matter of scheduling should be to "schedule". How can there be a specific date to begin something, in a particular area, without pre-scheduling it? The moment he decided to hire new people, with the understanding that an orientation had to take place, the date should have been scheduled to assure its availability. Once Monica brought to his attention the time frame he was working with, he should have confirmed availability of the room also.




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