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Strategic Management

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The following business plan has been developed for Alliere, and the entry for competition and business operations in the New Zealand mortgage market. This plan will illustrate the process for entry in this market. All maters relating to:

Ð'* Marketing Strategy and

Ð'* All financial

Ð'* Operational processes

For a three and five year time frame. The plan will also highlight issues that may arise and the means to rectify the issues.

Business Description:

As a unique, corporate mortgage partner for the Financial Planning industry, Alliere provides a professional service advantage to planners and accountants, driven by a philosophy of "Making Clients for Life":

These days mortgage applicants come from many sources: Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Financial Planners and Real Estate Agents.

For each of these groups, time efficiency and professionalism are critical.

To each of these groups, Alliere brings a truly corporate scale of professional services built on superb technology, an experienced and industry-rated credit processing infrastructure and innovative marketing & business coaching support programs.


The primary targets of the Alliere business offering are large corporate organisations in the financial services industry, in particular Financial Planning and Accounting businesses.

New age service platform with emphasis placed on adding holistic value to a member. A service proposition that is based on core support to the member in all facets of professional development. (ie Ð'- broker mentoring, goal setting, lead generation, personal development schemes, reward and recognition, education and training). It is anticipated that most of these programs can be developed internally, however should the need arise, external resources (ie - business coaches) may be funded by our lender partners as sponsorship, member payment upfront or from member commission re-investment scheme. Adequate lender panel products for members to offer the end consumer. Software and systems package

Loan packaging to be encouraged for all members where it is considered necessary to develop and grow business. Selling of loan packaging to be the responsibility of Loan Packaging Australia sales staff.

Wholesale (white label) product via Resimac. In order to increase our margins/bonuses we need to have both competitive and innovative products available to our members via novasure. This is where we can make in roads to increase profitability on initial set up costs in the short term.

How can it be used:

The Alliere business is structured into three separate business operations

1. Marketing and Lead Generation services ( Marketing )

2. Loan Broking ( Mortgage Broking )

3. Loan Processing and packaging ( Processing)

Alliere Paralending service helps support Financial Planners to position loan products within their practice whilst allowing you to stay in control.

Alliere offers an innovative mortgage loan processing system which combines technology with a dedicated, proactive processing team to deliver a seamless mortgage application, approval and loan settlement service.

Alliere's experienced paralenders act as your lending assistant. They act as a lender-accredited telephone helpline, checking your client's requirements. They will guide your client through the entire home loan process whilst at all times promoting your service and brand.

Our dynamic customer focused credit team are proactively trained to predict issues with lenders before they occur. They are constantly training and expanding their knowledge of new products and legislative changes within the mortgage market to find the best possible loan for your client.

Our paralenders will package your client's loan by collecting and verifying all supporting documentation and submitting a perfected application to the lender. Once the loan has been submitted we continue to process your client's loan by:

Ð'* Following up lenders credit teams for decisions

Ð'* Clarification of issues and further documentation required

Ð'* They will liaise with your client's accountant and/or solicitor

Ð'* Manage the process and relationship with the lender on your behalf to obtain formal approval of the loan as quickly as possible

Ð'* Tracking of each loan application from submission through to settlement

Ð'* Communication of milestones and further requirements via email/SMS as well as updating real-time tracking on the Alliere website

Ð'* Booking and confirming settlement

Paralenders have to work within service



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