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Steroid Outline

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Essay Preview: Steroid Outline

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Steroid Use in Sports Culture

I. Introduction to Steroids

A. What are Steroids?

B. Brief History of Steroids.

II. Benefits of Steroid Usage.

A. Vast Array of Users

B. Physical Improvements.

C. Steroid Myths.

III. Adverse Effects Of Steroid Use.

A. Risks for Both Sexes.

B. Risks for Men.

C. Risks for Women.

IV. Steroids in Professional Sports & College Athletics.

A. Why Steroids are Used.

B. Testing for Steroid Usage.

C. The Integrity of the Game.

D. Death in Professional Sports Attributed to Steroid Use

V. Steroid Use by Adolescents.

A. The "Hero Factor"

B. Peer Pressure

1. Competitive

2. Professional

C. Steroid Use Percentages.

D. Special Risks for Adolescents.

VI. Conclusion.

A. What Can be Done to Positively Change Societies Views of Steroid Use .

1. Stricter Professional Policies.

2. Parental & Educational Institutions Influences




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