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Stem Cell Research

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Thesis: Though scientific research has advanced tremendously discovering remedies for serious and chronic diseases of human body. Embryonic stem cell research, which is an extension of biotechnology, has initiated a debate to secure the ethical and moral value of human embryo and the impact of the funding policies of American federation in regard to stem cell research.


Among the growing health issues and discoveries of various diseases and health problems, development in scientific research and biotechnology has tremendously advanced. Where there are serious and chronic diseases like diabetes, Parkinson's, chronic heart failure as well as stroke and spinal cord injuries, technology has offered substitutes like repairing and replacing the damaged cell and tissues. Basically stem cells belong to a diverse group of extraordinary multi-potent cells. These are relatively undifferentiated and unspecified among themselves as they posses the quality to raise the differentiated and specialized cells of a human body. For instance, liver cells, kidney cells and brain cells, all these are specialized cells that are originated from stem cells. Eventually these originate from a small number of embryonic cells, which appear during the first few days of development.

Therefore, stem cell research is the most advanced biotechnology related to the repair or replacement of various cells that are damaged or injured due to some serious chronic disease. However, implantation of human embryonic stem cell is a further advancement of this new technology. Though embryonic stem cell research is an extension of the stem cell research but various limitations in this regard has brought the ethical values of humanity at stake. Presently this debate has involved the federal government of America and its various policies related to scientific research and funding policies. Specifically the present policy of President Bush, which provides funds to embryonic stem cell research, at the same time limits the number of stem cell research. Thus the American nation is affected due to the ingoing debate between the policy makers and the public.




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