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Stem Cell Research

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Controversy Over Stem Cell Research!!!

Proposed Solutions???

Stem cells are cells found in early embryos that could be planted in any of the body's tissues and organs. Many scientists have been participating in stem cell research, but controversies remain over the ethical issues revolved around these embryo cells. The question of concern is whether the use of embryonic stem cells is actually destroying human life. Some views include that human embryos are a human life from the time the human egg is fertilized and the results of the stem cell experiments can not justify the end results. Another side of the argument includes that using human embryos have an ethical tradeoff in the long term. They argue that human embryos are unique and that the decision to use them has significant amounts of pressure, but it may be logical overall to use these human embryos for stem cells. The third side of the argument does not believe that early embryos are in fact related to being human life. They argue that early embryos are only microscopic balls of cells and prose no ethical issue when used for stem cell research. Since the question of whether or not early embryos are indeed an early stage of human life, scientist have tried to come up with various ways in which human embryos are no longer used for the stem cell research. A large amount of support and help have come from people that oppose stem cell research and Congress has proposed bills to allow federal funding. Hopefully in the near future stem cell research will no longer be a large area of controversy.

I don't really have an argument on the issues raised with stem cell research. I believe that more research should be done to determine whether early embryos are in fact human life and if so what are the positive and negative effects of engaging in this type of research. I do think that if the whole situation



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